Personnal protection and VIP security services are becoming more necessary, as risks increase worldwide. Businesses and individuals must take their safety seriously.

Protec Country Security specialises in close protection services for a diverse set of clients, including business executives, dignitaries and diplomats, political figures, media personalities and otherwise notable individuals.

When it comes to safety, appropriate precautions must be taken. Protec Country Security hires experienced and reliable ex-military security agents, who are rigorously trained and have demonstrated their ability to perform at the highest level.

Clients can rely on our expertise to assist them in all scenarios

International Travel

Our team will secure your travels across national borders, within the bounds of the European countries we operate in.

VIP Close Protection

High-profile individuals who are at great risk of being targeted may seek our assistance to manage unpredictable situations

Public Events and Crowds

When a prominent individual attends a public event or is involved in a highly visible activity, extensive measure must be taken to mitigate potential dangers